Friday, April 27, 2012

I may be inherently Evil? this might end up funny in the long run but not so sure at the moment...maybe tomorrow I will look at this and think...yes, indeed it is hilarious!

I woke up in a very piss poor shitty mood.  Followed by the puppy driving me crazy by getting into every little thing this morning, then I forgot my badge to get into work...then work started pissing me off just because there was work to be done.  But really after I sit here and think about it the things that get me the most today are the stupid things.

I who sits in the stall next to the ONE other person in a public restroom....I mean there are 12 stalls in there!?!  Why sit right next to me.  I would appreciate NOT having to listen to your business! I guess some people like to listen to others poop! Not so much on this end! Thanks!

And how about those asses that seem to think their knees can't bend so they shuffle their feet down the hall ways at work like they have no where to be.  People I am trying to get my shit down so I can get out of this joint and you are totally slowing down my process.  Wanna get punched in the face? NO?  Oh then pick up your damn feet and move!

Then there are those morons that hug the walls when they walk around a corner even if they would end up on the wrong side of the hall....then when they almost run you over because of this stupid behavior they give ME the dirty look.  Again I ask...wanna get punched in the face?I promise if you give me that dirty look again, you will!

The people that have a super annoying laugh/cackle!  SHUT THE FUCK UP! Seriously.  Do you not hear yourself! I have heard birds that have a more pleasant laugh than you....YES BIRDS LAUGH! Fucking look that shit up!

Thank you for listen...I am going to go have a cafe-mocha-Vodka-valium-latte and chill the fuck out! Or maybe I will just work out like a pissed off bitch tonight. Who knows!

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  1. Seriously laughing so hard I am crying reading this, this morning !