Thursday, April 12, 2012

Strange thoughts while running this morning

I just wanted to remind myself that I had these today.  I will update you later today on what the hell I am talking about!

Ok so now that I am on my way to work I can continue this post. Don't worry, I am not the one driving!

A little back ground to help you all understand where I am at on my running. I hurt my hip last fall while training for this fucking insane race called the ms mud run. 6k of crazy ski hills, mud and ridiculous obstacles for a good cause of course or I would have passed. Pics or it didn't happen!

 I would never do that for boobs but since my grandma suffers ms I HAD TO be that insane. Maybe if my mom, sister or me got breast cancer it would be quite different I am sure.

 So I just started running again this week. I am slow but what do you expect from a chubby runner! Needless to say, I have a lot of time to think while running nearly 3 miles in the morning. This morning I strapped on my berreta tomcat and my sneaks and headed out into the crisp 4 am air.

What? You don't all run carrying a gun strapped to your belly? Then you must not live in scary suburbia!

I normally use my runs as a good time to organize my thoughts and work out stress issues that have been eating at me. This morning my thoughts were focused on a crazy reoccurring dream I have been having the past few nights.

Have you all seen groundhogs day? Well it was kind of like that but a bit less friendly!

 It starts with this man telling me that my duty is to kill the head vampire. He hands me a silver dagger and sends me out into this dark building. There are vamps everywhere. Chasing me through the halls....trying to trip me. I can only assume that once tripped they would suck my blood but I am far too fast! Of is my dream afterall.

So I finally catch up with the leader and we discuss me stabbing him in the heart. He tells me he would rather I didn't but I tell him "it ain't about you!"

I stab him but in the wrong spot.....and then the dream starts all over. Like a pile of dirty laundry it is never ending. WTF!

Throughout my run I was trying to figure out #1 where the fuck did this dream come from....and #2 why not a wooden stake....what is with the silver dagger. I am hoping I can find an explanation on the internet today. (you can find answers to all the worlds problems on the internet you know)!

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