Monday, April 16, 2012

Orange Theory, Zombies, Drinks Oh my!!!!

First off, I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! I sure did! YIKES!

I wanted to write this when things were still fresh in my head but the day after a fashion swap is never too promising!

I started out my day with a great text from my girl Jen! She sends me a text telling me to Have fun but Be safe.

BE SAFE??? So confused.  What the hell are you talking about girlie!

So she explains further : Yep...don't get alcohol poisoning!;)...or trip on a rock, knock yourself unconscious & get eaten by a zombie!

ME:  What if I want to be eaten by a Zombie? Don't you get to become one then?

JEN:  Yeah, but they eat your brains first!

ME:  I don't use it much anyway.

JEN:  Well, I don't want a zombie for a friend, as pro-zombie as I am & all.

I kept this conversation in mind all day, staying on the lookout for those crazy brain eating zombies. Thanks Friend JEN!

My friend Toree is training to work at this place called Orange Theory (otherwise known as the torture chamber!) And being the good friend that I am ... and always willing to do something ONCE if it is Free, I agreed to go to a Friends and Family Session at the Torture Chamber.  We all know how much this girl LOVES PAIN! Bring it!

Those who know me...know very well how I feel about dreadmills (yes I meant that spelling)....and their similarities to the metal wheel that is in a gerbil cage.  So for the first half hour of this session I got to stare at one of two things, my face in a mirror making some not so attractive expressions or the stupid XL clock on the dreadmill!  REALLY TOREE???

**Note to self, next time, bring duct tape to cover the damn clock and tape the towel to the mirror.

I survived it though.  Barely! And now believe I can out run any old Zombie any day!

Next was the floor routine.  No this does not mean you get to lay on the floor for the last half hour of class.  I was slightly disappointed!  Only slightly though because I saw these fun looking straps hanging from the wall.  All I wanted to do was grab them and walk the wall using them and flipping into a back flip.  I guess you had to be there but I promise they looked amazingly fun!

For the floor routine, we had a different trainer.  (BRING BACK TOREE) I love accents.  I really do.  Ok...sometimes I really do.  You when you can fucking understand the person telling you what to do??? Yeah that's when I like them. 

Needless to say though, once I understood better what was going on, I had a lot of fun with the equipment.

#1...I have never used a rowing machine before IN MY LIFE!  There was a really interesting feel to it and I love the intervals of rowing and squats and then rowing and crunches.  Made the crunches a lot more difficult! 

#2...I LOVE TRX but I do not love someone telling me to do bicep curls on the TRX.  Tell me how fair it is to ask a 200 lb women to bicep curl their body weight when you weigh about 115??? BUELLER??? Still feeling them damn things today! HA!

#3... I am totally going to make me a workout like this at home! I know I can just gotta work out the details! buahahah. Oh Honeyyyyyyyyyy I need a favor from you!

#4...I now know that not only can I out run my brain eating friends but if they do decide to try to eat my less than necessary brain, I will be able to fight them off! I am just strong and cool like that!

Leaving Torture Chamber was sad.  I could have stayed all afternoon playing on their wide open floor.  Cartwheels, handstands just goofing off!  I give them mad props for busting my ass Saturday. 
Toree has invited me back for either Friday or Saturday...TOTALLY DOWN!  LACING UP MY SHOES NOW GIRL!

After getting my ass handed to me at the gym, I text my girl Katie to let her know that I had my ass handed to me on a platter and survived.  I knew she would be relieved.  I continued to tell her that I am giving up food, clothing and shelter to be able to afford going three times a week.
We have had lots of conversations about joining gyms and most specifically the Y out by our house.  She already is a member but I can't see spending that much on something I don't feel would push me hard enough. I guess I am just a little too insane for the Y.

Katie:  Why that and not the Y?

ME:  Because it is like having a personal trainer.

Katie:  I see:)

ME:  It is like rough sex....the Y is like a peck on the cheek.

I think she understood it better with the sex analogy! I know I would have.

Saturday Night was Fashion swap night at my co-worker/fashionista friend Rachel's house! Always way too much fun for words.  We had conversations of making a drunken blog but I can't for the life of me remember what we were going to write about that was so funny. I will have to ask Ber next time we communicate! I am quite positive it was amazing material that I will be needing for future blogs.

We all bring clothes we no longer wear and then swap them for things others no longer wear.

It is a very different group of girls.  There are the Real Housewives of Cottage Grove (thanks T ), there are ghetto girls, suburbia girls, there are crazy quiet girls that when they open up because girls that exude awesomeness!

Now get this group of girls in one room and give them some drinks and what do you get?  
Sore cheeks, lots of crazy laughter, amazing new friendships, and one hell of a next day hang over that is so worth it!

Now you all know my first blog...with Mr Chocolate bunny rabbit?  Well Donna read it and thought this would be hilarious!

And it completely was! Ok licked it now you gotta eat it! haha

Donna is eccentric to say the least.  She is always coming up with crazy new drinks or things to drink them out of!

Meet the red solo cup boot!  I love anything to do with a red solo cup and what makes it even was a velvet boot! Thanks for giving me a good laugh Donna! (the wine glass in front of me was mine as well!) Well there goes my calorie burn!

I was a good girl and did not drive home from CG to CP because that would just be insane!

The next morning I felt the need to check back in with Jen.

ME:  I survived the Zombies!

Jen:  I am glad you survived, I had a shitty night
(I really hate when friends feel down)

ME:  Oh no ok?

Jen:  IDK....Just getting-to-know-someone-new misunderstandings. Its fine....or hopefully it'll be.

ME:  Well I am thinking about you.  Maybe he is part Alien....that is something you can totally work through.

Jen:  LOL Yeah, Ive heard that....but if he were zombie that'd be a dealbreaker.

ME:  Yes totally, They are just way too hard to make conversation with.

Jen:  Thats cuz no brains! And they only treat you like a piece of meat! Its sad really.

ME:  Sometimes being treated like a piece of meat is fun. Pretty sure that zomebies make good one night stands.  I am thinking that is not what you are looking for though.

Jen: Not so much.

ME:  Well I knew I was right. I checked with my magic 8 ball!

Jen:  IDK about them making good one nite stands...all that dead flesh and the smell :p

ME:  Well you can get passed that if you drink enough.

This is the point yesterday that I started contemplating a stint of sobriety.  Even if it is only for a month.  Others may really appreciate that! LOL

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