Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How it all came to be! Well this blog site anyway!

Welcome to my world I guess.  You have been warned!
I had a conversation with my Beach Body Coach Molly today while I was suppose to be working. I am a fabulous multitasker (or at least I try to pretend to be).  We got a good case of the giggles so I decided to share. I will interject at times to keep you with me.
BB Coach Molly:  Hey girly. Is that circuit thing tonight? 

I am doing a circuit training class to help a friend out this weekend.  Molly tries to keep me focused and on task.  I really do feel for her as it is not an easy task for anyone.  Ask my husband.
ME:  No it is on Saturday.

BB Coach Molly:  OH that's right. So how are you doing today?

ME:  really good. Slowly coming off my antidepressants and finding that I have more energy
Should have ran this morning to get some of this energy out! lmao
I have been on the damn things since I was 12.  Out of no where this week...I decided I am done. Wish me luck will ya!

BB Coach Molly:  Wow that is great! Ha. you hyper thang

ME:  I know! I am so excited. My co-worker is laughing at me today and telling me I should take up blogging about life and crazy stupid things I do because apparently I am pretty funny.
I don't see my stupid obsession with food as a good source of humor but I guess others do.
Did you know someone would actually only take PART of a chocolate bunny that is put on a community food table?

BB Coach Molly:  Wow you lost me already! We WOULD HAVE WAY TO MUCH FUN TOGETHER. you sound like me
We have never met in real life as she lives on the East coast.  Spoke on the phone a few times and IM a LOT

ME:  Ok I will break it down for ya lmao. There is a chocolate bunny from easter on the "piggy table" at work. Someone actually just broke part of it off and left the rest there....why wouldn't you just take the whole thing? WHO EATS ONLY PART OF THE BUNNY???

BB Coach Molly:  GOT YA! that is gross cuz they touched it
I guess I didn't really mean it was gross because I wasn't thinking on those lines.  Probably should have used strange or unnatural!

ME: Gross because they touched it and uncomprehendable because they didn't just eat the whole damn thing? I mean you think someone will take the other part or even part of the other part. You wasted some pretty decent chocolate there sir!

BB Coach Molly: how big is it you whack job?;)

ME: LMAO Hmmmm about half of the bunny is still there. It has crispys in it too...did I already tell you that part? I really like crispys in my chocolate. Gives it something fancy!

BB Coach Molly:  you crunchy monkey. ha you still didn't tell me how big the flippin thing is. That REALLY matters
Hmmm keep up sister...I totally said there was HALF the bunny sitting there.

ME:  I did....Half the bunny is still sitting there.You want me to measure it?
I actually did do the measurements and contemplated taking a bite.
2 x 2.5 inches 
Mmmmm bunny.2 x 2
just kidding

BB Coach Molly:  THANK YOU! Yeah so I see your point now at 2 x 2.5inches. but the person is practicing moderaton Amber! Give them that but they should do it on their own bunny ha
And she totally misses that Adjustments in measurements! Amber 1 Beach body coach 0!

ME:  Exactly my point! But I guess it is really everyone's bunny now that I think about it. Once placed on the "piggy table" it is community property.
I should totally use this conversation as my first blog And the decision was made!

BB Coach Molly:  Yes you could, but I would make sure you sugggest taking a shot before they start reading to actually entertain them ! ha jk.Shit I knew I forgot something!

ME:  Hmmm that may help me with another blog I have been trying to read but still cannot find the humor in it. Making note of that. And I did!

BB Coach Molly:  lol
just break out the whole dang bottle

ME:  but it has to be clear to avoid over doing it on calorie load. This is why I <3 vodka

BB Coach Molly:  captain morgan coconut rum in fresca (diet) so good! Dont' talk to me about that. I have had one drink in 9 1/2 months I didn't know my BB Coach was a drinker SWEET!

ME:  I feel for you. If I would have known...I could have started calling you while drinking to remind you why it is ok you are not!

BB Coach Molly:  lol.....don't you have work to do? lol.. I am laying here on my stomach nauseous an dtired as anything from over cleaning and schoolig my children. TAKE THIS BABY OUT
ME:  OMG I forgot I am at work! HA! 
Honestly I didn't forget where I was.. I am completely aware that I have other things I should be doing.  Unfortunately for those things they are not quite as entertaining! So glad she was ok with me using her as my first subject! 

Oh and finally a Pic of what was left of said bunny at the end of the day.  I PROMISE this had nothing to do with me.  After research with a fellow co-worker, we found it was the same person that licks her fingers to separate documents at the printer that used her fingers to break apart the bunny.  Poor bunny!


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