Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jenny Lawson gave me reason to LIVE!

After having a few days of feeling like I was punched in the face, had my throat slit, and then all my eye lashes pulled out one by one with a bad pair of tweezers....I really was thinking that all things great could end and I wouldn't even notice.  Yes, coming off my meds is a little rocky!  Like a ride across a wooden bridge that is missing every other board in a truck with two flat tires.  It is the most awesome feeling ever as you can imagine! And I am rocking it like no other! 

Of course my mood yesterday was turned in a completely different direction! Thank you U.S. Postal service and of course....MS JENNY LAWSON!!!!! She is absolutely amazing on a daily basis cheering me up but now I can totally carry her with me!  As her book landed in my mailbox that I preordered ohhhhhh a month and a half ago! Swoooooooooon!

Let's Pretend It Didn't Happen hit #1 on the New York Times best sellers yesterday! WAY TO GO JENNY!  Must feel amazing to have a best seller on your very first book!

It saved my day yesterday just by looking at the cover but the words made it even better! I am already through the first four chapters! Which pretty much gives me an A+ because when reading I usually get bored with the first couple pages.....that's probably why I love blogs so much! Not this one though. All I have to say is Poop Rope and I bet you will all HAVE to go buy a copy!  Maybe if you are really lucky AND a close friend of mine...I will let you borrow mine...not for keeps mind you...but borrow after I get done reading it 15 times and the pages are no longer pretty!

Thanks to Jenny I believe I am fully reloaded to start up the end of this week!  We have a baseball scrimmage tonight, signing up for the Y tomorrow( 31 years old you would think I wouldn't giggle over that anymore...but I do!), puppy training...The torture chamber(Orange Theory) and Dylan's First baseball game where he gets to wear his cup(how excited he was to purchase this thing but I believe he is less then pleased with the reality of it.) on Saturday.  Oh living the dream!

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