Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm coming down................

There is totally a party going on inside my body lately but unfortunately it is filled with unwanted guests that don't seem to want to go home...LIKE EVER!

I don't recall inviting the pot smokers, booze drinkers and the huffers but let me tell you...they are all getting together and putting some serious peer pressure on my inners!  I feel like I have done all three (not that I would know what that would feel like or anything, I can only assume!) and right when I think I am coming down it all attacks just for a little fun!

Now I am not completely complaining because in some situations this would be completely awesome! Like how fun would it be to have to take a pee test because your boss thought you were seriously fucked up on all kinds of drugs just to find out that you are completely clean. TAKE THAT BOSS LADY...but of course that isn't happening.

Or how about you are too broke to buy said illegal substance or even the legal ones at that...and all you have to do is sit on your couch and WAMMMMMMM! You are feelin the effects!  Yeahhhh that isn't really the case either.

I almost feel lock me up in a little padded room and take away the shoe laces kind of crazy.  And the cotton mouth is totally not helping.  I know a person needs to drink their water but I have already drank approximately 135 oz of water today and it isn't even 11 yet! I hope I don't fucking drown myself!

It is a little concerning that I feel as if I could run millions of miles yet can't get my ass out of bed in the morning this week! And even more serious is the feeling of fighting every soul around me. And I mean every soul...the damn bird in the tree was mocking me and if I could have climbed the damn thing the bird would have totally been sorry!

So the lessons that should be taken by all of this I suppose are the following:

Fuck with me today and die...
Push me to run them damn miles while I still have the idea in my head....
Sometimes feeling completely out of whack can be really freakin funny in my head but not so much on paper!

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