Sunday, April 22, 2012

3 day weekends rock my socks! Although...I really don't like socks.

Hating my computer right now because I typed up a very long yet funny blog last night and the damn thing didn't save.  Technology hates me I swear!  I also had a very long drawn out fight with my phone for not uploading my picture to facebook last night as well.

This weekend was a lot of fun but due to lack of time and stupid technology hatred of me....I need to shorten it up a bit.  I discovered a few things....

First of of I have a very unsettling love of large water jugs! The pink one below fell right into my cart and good ol' Walmart without me even noticing....Ok I noticed a little. Let me tell you though...the features are amazing! (YES A WATER JUG CAN HAVE FEATURES!)  Keeps things cold for 12 hours and hot for 6, handle is made for right or left handed individuals and it also has a bottle opener! YES! A bottle opener.  So while I am being all healthy with my lovely water...I can be super helpful for my friends that are indulging in a brew or 8!

I did just that on Saturday night while Nick and his buddy nearly blew up the town of Scandia with a can of gas and a lighter.  Oh boys, they are so adorable sometimes! 

On Friday, I had a discussion with my mom about what I should do for patio furniture this year since we wanted to get rid of our old stuff.  Her and I thought bistro tables would be super cute. I always hate when we think something will be cute because then I have to convince Nick it will be cute.  He doesn't always like to agree with my mom and I.  But I got my bistro tables! Ok now look down! Nice right. I got two.  One for each side of the fire pit!

Our old furniture was taken by a garbage creeper named Jen! lol I wanted to get a pic of her in action but I was too busy helping her get it in her trunk...well sort of.  Good thing she lives close, I doubt it would have made it all the way home!

(that black butt in the background is my BFF Holli. She needs a wax!)

Speaking of Holli....Now is a great time to give you the story of how she came to be.  It is a sad story.  I had this very fantabulous dog named Zoey.  Well I thought she was...she would lay on the couch with me...following me...hang out with me and for the most part stay in the yard.  Well she got Cancer right before my birthday last year.  I fought like hell to keep her going but unfortunately she lost the battle.

I loved her with all my heart but I couldn't see sitting in my house without those four paws running around so I looked on Craigslist the very next morning.  Now fate told me I HAD to do that.  Three lines down in the pet ads was one for a Boxer/Lab mix.  That is what Zoey was!  I contacted the girl to find out how much and where she was at.  Then I sent the link to Nick.  Of course we all know how he is. Let the convincing begin!  

He got the scoop from the girl on craigslist about how the puppies came about (snickers) and since the price was right and I wouldn't shut up with my begging....(I know shocker!) We drove and hour and a half to look at them. 

Nick fell in love with the little licking pups right away but there was one...a special one with lots of little white toes.  She won his heart and ultimately became my birthday present!  She was to be my little heart healer! 

On the way home we were thinking of millions of names, downloaded a baby name app, watched signs and listened to her howl like she thought she was a coyote!  When the boys finally said they had to use the restroom, we stopped at a Holiday station leaving Nick in the jeep with the noname puppy! I came out and he about Holiday....or Holli?  And it stuck...for us! I am sure she will learn her name eventually! lmao

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