Friday, June 29, 2012

Trying to Learn Twitter....AGAIN.

So this morning I had my first Panic attack since coming off my meds...well if you don't count the one I had last weekend....But that one was more rage induced instead of pure panic. 

The clock was ticking away and of every day mainly...Nick was taking his dear sweet time in the shower. 


I had the palm sweating, the shaking, the feeling of being in a very small box that has just been buried deep below the deepest floor of the ocean.  You know..I basically freaked the fuck out! All because of the damn clock!

So the car ride consisted of cricket silence and me reading Jenny Lawson's book.

I love that my husband and I work at the same place. Gives us lots of time to chat during the day....oh wait...I mean work. Yeah that's what we do there!

ME:  Sorry for the mini melt down this morning.

NICK:  Sorry for being a zombie this morning.

ME:  Well at least you didn't eat my brains.  I mean, Friday's are hard enough to get through without being braindead.

So we made up. It was nice. And I feel better.

I started playing around on the internet...then I remember I signed up for Twitter a long time ago and maybe I should check my account to see if anything interesting is happening there. 

I realized as I was playing around on it that I really just have no clue what the purpose of it is and really posting things really doesn't do much since I have a whole 23 people following my boring ass.


NICK: Lots to do, not getting anything I was supposed to get done. SOMEONE is consuming the entire day

ME: Well I am bored out of my mind!

NICK:     you can have my work 

ME:       Hmmmm no thank you! 

NICK:     OK be my Cube body guard. Everytime she comes in, you throw her out 

ME:       Trying to figure out how to make Twitter fun since I don't seem to have many people following me...posting really isn't that entertaining. Can I punch them in the throat? Soft tissue punches are the best! 

NICK:     Babe, you can and I'll take video. 

ME:       AND WE CAN POST IT ON TWITTER! That would get people to follow my boring ass! 

NICK:     Twitter is my main source of news. 

ME:       You know I don't like news! smh 

NICK:     But the books you read, do you follow those writers? 

ME:       Yes I twittered to one today telling her to write another one so I can survive. No response twittered a word? 

NICK:     tweeted 

ME:       Ah thanks...see I am not good at this bird lingo! 

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