Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And in the beginning

2013 is starting out pretty good if I do say so myself.  I have started to really pay attention to what I am putting in my body again, found a class at the gym that I really really enjoy, met one of my long time internet friends FINALLY in person and we have been going to the class together, and the big one....I have been given permission to start a running program again!  Ah-mazing!

Putting good things in my body makes me feel good...not sluggish and tired.  I keep reminding myself of that when I think I want pizza lol.  It isn't always easy to change these behaviors.  After a long time of eating these things far too often, your body craves them. It is hard to remember how wonderful the lean meats, fruits and veggies all taste when you actually take the time to prepare, cook and eat them. Better yet is the energy and alertness I feel when I eat them.  How easy it is to forget.

Part of this year is going to be exposing myself to things I am not comfortable with.  Let's be honest here...I am outgoing but only with people I know pretty well.  Otherwise...it is back in my clam shell! So I wanted to try a class at the y....but something scary was in that room, I knew it! I just couldn't bring myself to go in there alone last year. After chatting away with my amazing friend Nicole (whom I had never actually met in person. Internet friends exist people!) we decided we would try it together.  Don't ask me why I was afraid to meet her in person. I mean we click online wonderfully.  I got myself to the Y just fine, and sat outside class with my guts all in knots.  Nicole showed up and she was just as funny and normal as she has been every other time we have "spoken".  We both went in a little uneasy about what we were about to do but as the class started and we were going through the motions....we survived it! And now plan on making it a regular thing...minus the anxiety of course!

My physical therapist and I have been working on fixing my plantar faciitis and the underlying causes of it.  Two things...my arch crashes down when my foot hits the ground and my hip drops due to me not using my ass.(who doesn't use their ass?)  I was given orthotics to help with the arch support and told not to walk around barefoot....like ever. Okay so my mother in law bought me some amazing Haflinger slippers.  Not using my ass has been a little more work.  Every time I go in, they have me jump on the treadmill to see if there is improvement, and if there is they increase the difficulty of the exercises they give me.  More weight or more difficult exercise all together. I have to say, with all the workouts I have ever done, my ass has never been more sore.  On the up side, I have noticed that even with my squats and lunges my body is starting to do the things it SHOULD be doing.  So this whole physical therapy thing must be working right? LOL

Last week I was given a running schedule. It is basic intervals. Run 4 walk 1 for 20 to 30 minutes, if I don't have pain in my foot the following workout can increase the run by one minute and decrease the walk by one until I am running the full 20 to 30 minutes.  I have "ran" twice with very minimal discomfort afterwards, mainly leg pains from not doing it for so long!

I am really looking forward to seeing the amazing things my body can do again this year.  I miss it. I miss being active, I miss being ME!

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